Joie Zine Project

My New Years Resolution a couple of years ago was to get rid of my TV. I don’t have cable in my house but I was definitely relying on movies to relax and retreat at the end of the day.  So as an antidote for passivity, I decided to embark on my first zine project: Joie.  This is a seasonal zine that is comprised of hand drawings, rants, connect the dots, recipes and whatever strikes my fancy.  Each zine will have a limit of 50 copies and will be distributed by post or hand delivery.  E-mail me if you want to subscribe.  There is no cost to subscribe however it would be great if you could send me a little letter or postcard in response.


Joie En Hiver: issue 1   50 copies


Joie en El Salvador: issue 2 50 copies


Joie de printempts: issue 3   50 copies


Joie in Iceland: issue 4  50 copies


Joie L’etranger. Issue 5. No one is illegal. Immigration issue Part 1. 50 copies


Joie at Cow House. Issue #6. 50 copies

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