Diversity Education and Justice in the Curriculum

Here are some of my notes from the NYSAIS Conference: Diversity Education and Justice in the Curriculum. Brooklyn Friends, NY

Becoming a threat to inequity. Why we need equity literacy more than we need cultural competence

Gaps between philosophy & practice

Gaps between “best practice” & actual practice


Problem: Schools operationalize “diversity” in ways that create more inequity


Question for myself: What are the knowledge and skills I need to become a threat to the existence of inequity in my spheres of influence?  Do I have the will to be that threat?


Stop using “culture” when we mean something else

Stop focusing on culture at the expense of focusing on inequality

Racism and celebrating diversity+ multicultural curricula + cultural competence= Racism


We make our diversity efforts more meaningful if we attend to inequity


Are our equity efforts focused on fixing marginalized people or on fixing inequity?

Mitigate or transform


Justice before harmony

Reject “universal validation” approach

Focus on power


Equity and Inclusion Discussion in Faculty Learning Groups


Making thinking visible

Learning groups 8 teahcers

Tuning protocol

Observation: see, think, wonder


Case studies

Circle of viewpoint, assign everyone a role


I am

I used to think…

Now I think…

Microlab protocol for share out

Dr. Aly Michael, race institute

Undoing racism workshop

Summit for courageous conversations



the encounter

Follow the dream

Dia de la raza

Columbian exchange

Pacha mama

Gloria- Borderlands

Joy James

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