Advice for Artists (from my students)


A piece of advice I’d give to artists is to keep on trying and cranking out art because practicing drawing and painting makes you better.

I would tell them that their bravery and creativity is amazing! To be able to tell stories through pieces and leave room for so much interpretation is a really cool concept to think about and whoever can confidently accomplish that is even cooler.

Allow the painting to develop before giving up.

I would tell them to not be perfectionists!! (there seems to be a theme here…) I would tell them to kinda just create art instinctively, and they will probably get great outcomes!

I don’t know what advice I could give to them, they’re the experts! But I guess we are all human so we all have something to contribute. I guess I’d say just don’t put too much pressure on the art or on yourself to create the exact thing you envision.
I think the most interesting art I’ve seen is art the artist clearly cared deeply about or had a clear purpose for making the art. So I guess my advice would be to live your art and it will definitely show.

The biggest piece of advice I’d give to all artists is to not follow any rules. The biggest thing to do in art is build your own path, create your own style. Art is about expression, and if rules hinder your creativity, break them.

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